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My name is Jeremy and I live in AZ. I’m an A&P helicopter mechanic by trade for the past 14 years. I love machines so naturally I do my own work and I am constantly learning as I go. I’ve owned several Subaru’s in the past and present but haven’t really modded much. I currently have a 2000 Impreza RS Coupe and a 1998 legacy outback. My RS was in bad shape when I got it with a dead cylinder, broken control arm, collapsed header and rusted fuel tank. I got it pretty cheap and it was always my dream car watching Collin McRae rally in the 555 growing up. I originally had intentions to rally it but it has a sunroof and I’m not going to weld it closed. It’s also pretty damn expensive to get into so I now plan to make it an RSTi in the future. I am just waiting for the funds and the right donor car to swap.

So far what I’ve done to it is replace the entire fuel system (fuel tank, pump, senders etc) lines, filler neck and injectors, entire exhaust system to include O2 sensors, coil pack, plugs, wires, IACV, cleaned up the throttle body and intake manifold, 3 wheel bearings, control arm, tie rods, ball joints, transmission mounts, shifter bushings, new OEM carpet, swapped 07 WRX seats and made custom rails (pain in the rump roast). I’m sure there’s other stuff but it’s been almost two years since I first got ahold of it.

I am now gearing up to replace my cams, head gaskets, timing belt and bearings/gear, water pump, stage 1 clutch, lightweight steel flywheel, main pulley before the end of the year. I am undecided what I want to do for ECU upgrade. Most likely a piggyback. I’ve also toyed with the idea about getting an 04-05 intake manifold and rigging it up it I am having a hard time finding out more information about power gains. I tried to upload a pic but it’s too big. I will try to add one when I figure out how to resize it.

Thanks for the add and I hope to learn more.


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Welcome ! Sounds like it’ll be a truly refreshed vehicle ready for a long second life. 

I make composite blades at Sikorsky. Currently in tail rotors for Blackhawks. 

Enjoy !

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Nice, Ive done some factory work myself with Boeing at the Apache plant and at the Charleston plant on 787’s. I used to deliveries, repairs, modifications and overhauls after I got out of the army and after a few years of overseas contracting for various nations and organizations. 

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