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LED shop lighting

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34 minutes ago, Crazyeights said:

Do you have them yet? How do you like them?

It'll be a couple weeks before I can try them out.

I'll try to get before & after pics - if I still remember to.

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I put LEDs in our basement and what is there to say - it’s a light bulb and it makes light!  They didn’t make a dramatic improvement alone, for my space I would need more/bigger lights to fill out the area for more consistent/detailed work but my basement is storage so I don’t need that. Can dial in the color and brightness you want.  I put a motion detecting one above the storage/freezer area so no switch is needed. 

in the garage/shop I converted/replaced all the 4’ fluorescents to LEDs and they’re awesome:


Maybe with incadescents it doesn’t matter but They’re not impacted by ambient temps like fluorescents are. 

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8 hours ago, czny said:

oh yeah, i get that, i've upgraded tons of mine to LED, you didn't say you were doing it for efficiency but better lighting. i get that you can get more bright with less/same watts though.

that bulb you picked is going to be awesome, i've got a few like 20 watters or something and they'll make me see red and blue if i stare at them too long.  very sharp. 

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