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Aftermarket stereo wiring issues (2003 Baja)

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Hey there everyone,

New to the forum. Recently I purchased a new Pioneer Stereo to put into my '03 baja, and we've been having trouble getting it installed. After quite some time of doing wiring work as best we can to the thing, we've hit a wall and can't get power to it. we've done many different aftermarket stereo installations with no issues (even one in my Dad's '86 Brat) but we can't seem to get this one to work. We are receiving signal to the speakers: we've verified this with use of a 9v battery and some wire.We are doing this without a harness adapter and simply splicing the correct connections together (It's never been necessary to use one in the installations we've done before so we started without). I know some have said that Subarus can be more challenging as far as getting it to work in the same ways as we've gotten it to work before. We are left with the wires in the attached pictures, and have had no luck with them thus far. Any help here? I've heard of having a weak ground, could that be an issue here? 


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This should help

•Yellow - 12V Battery / Constant
•Red - 12V Ignition / Switched
•Black - Chassis Ground
•Black / White - Factory Amplifier Ground
•Blue - Power Antenna / Factory Amplifier Remote Turn On
•Blue / White - Factory Amplifier Remote Turn On
•Orange - Dash Light Dimmer / Illumination
•Orange / White - Dash Light Dimmer / Illumination
•Orange / Black - Dash Light Dimmer Ground / Illumination Ground
•Brown - Mute / Not Used
•White - Left Front Speaker (+)
•White / Black - Left Front Speaker (-)
•Gray - Right Front Speaker (+)
•Gray / Black - Right Front Speaker (-)
•Green - Left Rear Speaker (+)
•Green / Black - Left Rear Speaker (-)
•Purple - Right Rear Speaker (+)
•Purple / Black - Right Rear Speaker (-)

This is the Subaru side




Suby radio wirirng.txt

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To late now, but for future installs you can buy an adapter harness so the stock plug remains for others down the road.  

Load (Radio) Power -12 VDC constant-memory functions, switched to power the unit and ground.  

3 elements necessary in any circuit.  I'm sure you know that already but added it for others.

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