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Rotary Powered BRAT?

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I have found a 78 Brat that is complete but has been sitting for over 20 years, engine does not turn over. 

I was thinking to 'restore' it into running condition, but the engine seems too far gone.  Given a swap to another engine, there was an 88 wagon,

which i understand is a straightforward swap into the brat.   

On the other hand, i was thinking a rotary engine would be rather cool and would fit easily.  A 4wd rotary car itself is pretty rare, but a rotary brat?

the older rx7 motors with carbs might be a simple swap with an transadapter.

Found a rotary Samurai on youtube.. 


Or the other thought is lower it and make it hotrod and just rwd? 


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Rotaries are very reliable, until they are worn out after 75k-125k miles.   nothing like a toyota, i have two rav4's, a 2-door with 300k miles,

and just bought a 4door with..wait for it..368k miles, both all original.  Now a EJ25 blows head gaskets too, so let's not talk down rotaries too much,

and with the rx8 motor, 200hp that fits in no problem, and i like.

However, just looked over this car, and it is amazing, only 69k miles, fully intact, just weathered from sitting in a field for 30 years,

so i think it is best to try and restore it..i think.   I made a video of it, will post it as soon as I can edit it up.



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Easier to get the 1600 up and running.

I have NOS main bearings in standard and probably first size up too. Also have lots of NOS seals , etc. You’ll see me on flea bay again soon. I’ve been slow about getting back into it. And I’m not alone , there’s still some others with old dealer stock. 

78 Brat is worth keeping close to original until absolutely desperate. But of course you want to have what you believe will be more fun. 

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Here in CT I have been selling off a serious amount of New Old Stock and great used vintage Subaru parts. 


Currently gearing up to ship a windshield. I also have at least one more.

I have correct side mirrors new and old. Also lots of small items you may find that you need like brake switch , neutral switch , side markers , seals , bearings , etc. 

If on eBay check my sold items and the little bit I have listed now.


Everyone wants to be my friend and make deals on the side etc. but please be understanding that sadly I kind of need eBay lately.

So if you see me there please DO NOT ask me to make deals off their site while on their site. They do have robots that search and they do warn you and threaten you with fees etc. Just contact me here or through email - moosens@yahoo. com

But that’s no promise that I’ll yank an item from auction. Depends on how the item is doing and how I feel about it’s potential. 




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I actually have a lot of experience with a rotary and a buddy of mine just got a brat with a 13b rotary mounted and is working on the transadaptor but might change the transmission and rotarys are not terrible  engines but you need to drive them or they go bad similar to a Porsche anyways best of luck to the project but I’m afraid my friend is one step ahead of you 

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