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'78 brat pulled from hibernation

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I haven't started the brat for 10 years. It has a low mile

import 1600 motor with weber. So i drained the tank with the handy drain plug, also pulled the fuel line at the pump and blew it out. Put 2 gallons in and primed the carb. No go. So i pulled the line out from the pump and used a large syringe stuck into the end of fuel line as a temp gas source, worked great. I can get about a minute run time from that syringe. 

Pump still wasn't picking up, so i used compressed air and a rag to seal it and pumped the gas tank up. Worked like a charm. 

It was last registered in 2003 and been a yard ornament in my driveway for 15 years. It clicked over like i ran it yesterday. But it is all coming back to me... oh yeah.. stripped axle, cv grease burning on the exhaust, way loose shifter, shifter boot loose at the tunnel, no heater, forgot the cab was that small...there's more.

It is worth it though. It has a 3 in lift,14" on steel wheels, low roll bar, camper shell, tow ball, custom front bumper.

I've forgotten most of what i knew about these beasts so will be hitting you all up now and then.



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Enjoy the time spent ! 

You did see the $46,000 Brat sell on Bring-a-Trailer , right ? 

And two Gen 2’s sold down at Barret Jackson in the $16-18k range. 

Just letting it sit there you’ve done well. 

Do your walk around and send me a list. I’ll do my best for you.


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