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PM or email me at moosens@yahoo com

Here’s what’s absolutely NOT good:

Hood - can be worked 

Front end protector bumper/bar - also can be worked back to health

Fenders - but I have others and these technically can be worked but a lot of effort.

The rest of the car isn’t too bad except for rot in spots. 

Good stuff off the top of my head:

Roof rack , rear snow/dust deflector (spoiler if you’re feeling badarse) , blue interior (black lower panels per 1978) , 13” steel wheels , all brake parts excepting rear lines , steering wheel ( one crack , maybe two ) , steering rack , steering column , tranny , shifters , dashboard has crack but not so bad , glass - all great including windshield , lights - what’s not good on the car I have separate , rear hatch NO RUST around window and nice enough original trim on it.

Ask if you don’t see it here.

This is/was my baby , my other child , my all time best car ever up to my current one. Certainly my favorite. May it live on ! 


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Moosens I'm searching for passenger side taillight assembly for my 78 GL wagon also a rear bumper and the passenger side rear marker light. 

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I don’t know if we are talking about the same thing. Only now do I see you mention “real” which I assume you mean to be rear.

When I replied to your message I thought you meant the air dam “spoiler” I just sold.

If you mean the dust/snow deflector , I might have one but can’t promise. Haven’t seen one in my stuff in a decade. Time will tell if one still exists in my stash. 

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