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can my ea 71 crankshaft pulley be repaired by welding in a piece and grinding

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I am looking for a crankshaft pulley 5.25 dia 2 v groove for my 1978 1.6 l  ea71 engine.

I have been looking on line for it but not yet located one. Grangers may be able to help but not getting hopes up just yet.

I am now thinking of welding in a piece but not sure what alloy Subaru used for the casting

Also I am looking for a clutch release lever dust boot. bought one off E-Bay but it is too big (possible to cut it up to make it work).

Untitled - 2.jpg

Untitled - 3.jpg

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I know it sounded iffy. That's why I asked the question.

But not being able to locate a pulley, that was looking like my only option...

Thanks for the link, the web site says they might have one

will give them a call and verify.


With respect to the "cultch release lever dust boot"

I do not know part number.

But if that is it and it fits may 1978 brat ea71 manual trans than great.

do you have one.




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I had to ask.

I did not really expect someone to have a new one laying around.

That's why I picked up the oversized one that I can mod to work.

it's job is to keep stuff out of the clutch works.

For that mater Duct tape would even work (Cheesey looking but will do the job).

Thanks for the help trying to locate a pulley though.

I would like to at least have a good pulley when I install the "Holley EFI system" on the engine.

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5 hours ago, naru2 said:

I neither have nor know the part number for the boot.

Even if you found a NOS one it would be old and cracked by now.

Sorry to disagree. Not all rubber New old stock is dried out. I retain many NOS rubber bits including the clutch lever boot which I’m trying to locate and match for our friend here.

In general yes old rubber can’t immediately be trusted. But Subaru packaged their goods well.

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what is the rubber even for on some crankpulleys anyways? i don't think the EA71 has them but the EJ's do, my Impreza split in half one day, luckly i found a replacement before just welding it on.

what's it for? vibrations? even though the belt is made of rubber?

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cardictionary says it better than me

"Four-stroke piston engines exhibit non-uniform rotation. The separate strokes (suction, compression, power, exhaust) combined with the firing order of the individual cylinders dictate that the crankshaft is continuously accelerated and decelerated. Torsional vibration dampers, or rotation vibration dampers , as they are also known, must damp these rotational irregularities and vibrations of the crankshaft so that they are not passed on to the belt drive system.

Vibration and oscillation noise is damped and not transmitted to the vehicle structure, where it would be perceived by the driver and passengers as inconvenient and unpleasant. At the same time, the rotation vibration damper reduces wear of the V-ribbed belt and extends the service life of the units and belt drive components it is responsible for driving."

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The rubber part is not for the crankshaft pulley. it's for the clutch release lever it's just a dust boot.

The crankshaft has a seal as NARU 2 has pointed out the need for. The pulley seal dampener is in great shape as can be seen.

The pulley is what I need to find......

FYI the dimension are as follows: outside pulley  dia is 5.31 inch or 134.9 mm dia, inside shaft opening ID 1.095 inch or 27.81mm dia

and the outside sealing surface dia is 1.495 inch or 37.97 mm dia. any help is REALLY welcomed and very much appriciated:clap:

The way I see it I have only two options find purchase a used pulley form someone. My first choice.

 OR start looking at welding in a steel patch but need to determine the type alloy of the steel so I can heat after welding it up.  

Naru2 gave me a possible lead for locating one . there is a salvage yard in eastern OR on the snake river that indicates they may have one,

which is the reason I pulled dimensions.


All of this is so I can get the engine ready for putting the new Holley EFI system on it replacing the Weber I currently have on it.

While the Weber works great ( other than the tuning sensitivities).

The engine dogs down and thought to add a manual chock (do not like that idea very much) when I turn on the AC system I installed last year.

 I plan to keep everyone posted on as I progress. pic's will be taken.

I currently pulled engine to replace the clutch and the evaporated pilot bearing.

And I am greeting ready to paint the engine bay prior to re installing to engine and starting the upgrade process.





subaru brat crankshaft seal.jpg

ea 71 subaru brat crankshaft pulley.jpg

subaru crankshaft pulley.jpg

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Find more pulleys on carpart.com by looking up other ea71 engine parts.

Not many wreckers are going to list the pulley separately.

I see more than a dozen doner engines when searching for a cylinder head.

Other searchs will locate others.

Same place might have a clutch boot-nobody will list that.

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Why not repair it?  It’s not aluminum or stainless so shouldn’t be a big deal to weld a chunk in there. 

It looks almost usable as is and not much is needed. Cover it and keep that edges from hitting the belt.  

Machine shop accustomed to custom work could do it.  Some could make a new one from the dimensions. 

Got any local large businesses you could ask the machinists to do it?  As an engineer I’ve been around large global corporation machine shops and was surprised some of these guys have milling machines at home and can whip out a pulley rather easy.  Worth an ask if there’s any local entity like that v

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As and Engineer both a Mechanical design and Electrical (retired thank you) myself I know that I can get it repaired with little issues once I understand which type of cast iron it is.

I tend to think it is Malleable iron ASTM A47 BUT it could also be Ductile iron ASTM A339

Short of having it tested and making sure" myself" or the Shop I take it to can do the job correctly, and short of making a cad dimensioned model of it.

and while I have retired and working buddies with big toys in there garages

It seems to me to be easier and cheaper to find one some where.  

And yes it is usable as is. I have been running the car of years with no damage to the belt.

I was surprised that the dampener seal was not trashed.

it's just that I currently have the engine pulled out and thought it would be a good time to replace or repair it.

Which is what my first question was (has anyone attempted it before and been successful).

Capture 3.JPG

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