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My 14' okie gator airboat. Powered by an ej20 turbo, has a 2:1 belt drive with a 10 blade warp drive prop. It does great out here on the st johns river, just got done test driving it for about 3 days in a row. I have a few questions for you guys but ill wait till tmrw. Till then, heres the boat ! Ill take some vids tmrw too.


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4 hours ago, Swamp rump roast said:

Sorry, been busy working on the biat. Ill post vids and more info asap ! I might be getting a 550hp ej25, my buddy just totaled his car, just gotta see how much he wants for it.

If it’s got a security key, you’ll need that and all the associated gear to make the wiring loom and ECU work properly. It’s not just a swap engine job! You’ll need to cut down the loom to just the running gearnif you want it neat, or pull all the wiring and hang that in the boat. 

But if you’re stripping belts do you really need more power?



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