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Reposting here as this is where it belongs*



Long time lurker. I’ve been building out my ea82 Gl for a a while and I thought I should start a build thread.





here it is in Baja Mexico!



so here the build so far:

-4inch body lift(6inch currently)



-crustom ifs (I bent one of the original lca)

-modded rear seats so the sit flat

-projector bulb retrofit/angle eyes

-custom aluminium bumper


Currently in the middle of building a vlsd rear diff.

which requires completely dismantling the vlsd and ea82 diffs, to the point of pressing out the threaded inserts in the spider gears.

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New(about 9 months ago) adjustable ifs.

car now has slight negative camber and larger track width. 

 With lots of tuning, it now handles extremely well (no sway bars) on and off the hwy.




thick DOM and a Johnny joint

very over kill. Its what I could source locally in a short manner of time.


These have hand many hwy and off road miles on them. No problems. Car has been jumped probably 8-10 times.




Hard to see, but in the top Conner here, the radius rod/trans mount is not dropped, instead the radius rod is longer. Much stronger this way as they no fulcrum to shear the mounts off.

the trans cradle is extend accordingly 




being the engine cradle is dropped 4inchs, but the radius rod mount is not, the geometry has changed.

There is now minor caster change threw suspension travel, but this dosnt effect hwy driving negatively.

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10 hours ago, Numbchux said:

Love the pop top! good work!

Me too, I’ve not seen anything like that before!

I’m keen for further details on this mod ;) 



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Some of the pop top construction 



used the roof as a mold. Trying to make it look like there is no poptop!



Here is the wood Frame for the shell and the metal frame for the car with the lift mechanism,

befor install.



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Stop teasing us Johnny! Where’s the rest of this pop-top build?? 



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