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Epic BRZ drift car build in Oz

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If anyone is interested in reading an epic build thread of a drift BRZ then hit the link. It’s currently still being build - and it’s being done by a bloke in his shed with his own skills. I don’t think he’s specifically in the auto industry as such. 


He’s got the build on other sites too, but I thought I’d be a good link to drop in the BRZ forum ;) 



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5 hours ago, GeneralDisorder said:

Not that epic really. Just had a Formula Drift BRZ/FRS in here on Saturday with a 2JZ in it. 470 RWHP. 


Was it DIY’d in a dude’s shed or built by a shop? 

Is the suspension mount points lifted into the body of the vehicle to lower it but keep good suspension geometry for best performance and low centre of gravity? 

I reckon this build will be one of a kind for the above reasons.

That’s what makes it epic - DIY built and will meet required class specs/scrutineering. 

Not everything epic has to be about money and power numbers - where’s the personal skill in that build? 



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