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15 hours ago, DaveT said:

But now, they are easy compared to modern ones, so, things are different.


Ah is that a reason older subarus get stolen more frequently then i would expect?

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11 hours ago, idosubaru said:

Ah is that a reason older subarus get stolen more frequently then i would expect?

It's easy to steal one once i got my sweetheart back i looked and ripping the ignition cylinder out is neon and civic easy. Dent puller with the screw is all it takes.

Those are amatuer body work tools leaving massive holes. Copper weld on then grind the tip off.

Kids obviously stole her and i think engine braked in first or did donuts with awd. She was difficult to put into first and the clutch was fine. I drove her for a bit just pushing her into first while rolling to a stop and not using n a whole lot sitting still but she got worse. I experimented with using second to take off and found out she had 4.11! So these dix screwed up a good trans.

The syncro was funky cause it started becoming difficult to put her in second...

So i did what i hope truly you sube guys get to do... i shoved her into second and rolled off, at 5 mph i stepped on the clutch and jammed her into first. It was raining.

Matted that poor beast and sidestepped, kept her wide the fock open slideways. She got me home and i shut her off...she went into n and never went back into first, not even clutch in engine off! Went into second a tad easier tho lol! I used second as first (first is pretty damn low!) and we went camping one more time and back through black hawk for some gambling and drank (free!)

Then i took her ej22 (i called the engine babe like the pig) out and put her in my 86 gl, vega. I named her a tad ironically cause I have always wanted a vega (bodies by fisher had a design team with opel pininfarina and italdesign to create the corvair, chevette, second gen camaro and vega/monza. The curviest of gms 70s lineup the corvair got those fools the job! The 77 camaro and vega have the same bumper but vegas a bit smaller sh!t yea

Monte carlo and caprice?absolutely beautiful boxes like subarus!

Vega is the street fighter character that is a little beotch especially at his venue in spain he climbs on that wall and he can get you with that slash, (kens jab uppercut for that cuntt,) and jumps fastest in the game AND off the damn wall! Chun li only does that but she sucks to play as.

If you get good with vega though hes the best charge guy (like guile and blanka hold back or down 2 sec and forward + whatever) that german suplex is borderline cheating lol!

Anyway he has that long braid and screams like a lion use jab and knock his claw off and his mask.

So after the swap (first efi! knew NOTHING! All old scool carby) the baby lion was christened  (literally, i forgot to tighten a hose clamp in my haste to drive her like i stolded her) and has had some good adventures, a couple epic...tripling the speed limit in a couple feet of snow and getting it hard on a dirt bike trail!

Cheers boys good times

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Oh yea hug a 70s chevy nobody is peeling that metal column!

Now 53 bel air? Ignition is on the lower dash so its rather easy to hotwire.

Cherry bombs on her tho, she'll let us know. Kill switch somewhere nice like on top of the gas tank but hardwire starter so crank no spark hopefully my german shepherd will hop over the fence lol!

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I just read the story about you and your boys rolling up in the sport sedan to swoop up drowzee! Very nice work indeed! I would hopped out with baseball bats with "what you what you what you want?" By beastie boys playing full blast and a huge cloud of smoke (mj!) Oh and a full grown german shepherd off the leash as usual. Not drunk unless someone else drives lol! I would insist someone else drive.

The name is very fitting too, subarus seem to have the best nicknames. My 92 leggo was named rose after finding a fake purple rose with a paperclip attatched for scraping a pipe. It fit perfectly in my shifter boot! 

On her fateful day with title in hand stripped down completely i looked everywhere for that rose, i still haven't found it.

When i said one final tearful goodbye to my first subaru there was a fake red rose in the parking lot that i still have on my coffee table on my k&n chrome filter meant for a 2bbl weber, but fits a 2bbl holley. 

My super cool 73 year old hippie neighbor found her down the street and drove her home for me, after he called the cops and let them know he was driving a car on the stolen list. What a nice guy eh?

And free drugs? Cool! I'll be honest it would have been puff puff pass time with my bros. I dunno how people get hooked on party drugs, like that, to the point of stealing cars, that garbage only gives a good buzz for 15 min at a time.

What color is your interior and what needs replacing?

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