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I need to replace the thermostat on our H6 engine (2012 Outback).  That means draining the radiator. How much coolant should I have on hand to refill the radiator / coolant system ?  I believe this thermostat is down low, in the lower radiator hose.

2) There are two coolant sensors located right next to each other.  In the parts diagrams, the one to the left is 22630 36D, and the one to the right is 22630 30D.  The part numbers are very similar.  Can I order  22630AA140 for both locations ?  It is $10-15 cheaper than the other one, 22360KA140. 

3) What is the normal operating temp for the coolant in this engine? Using an OBD tester while driving, I can see that it is 195 to 205 degrees after warmed up good.

I am trying to fix CEL engine code P0128.  This code is saying the engine is running too cool.

Thanks,  Craig

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Lucky T,  thanks for the response. In my initial research I noticed the tech bullitan about that crossover tube. The part is only about $45, but it looks like a serious amount of labor. I would have to remove the intake manifold and very possibly other engine components. Not sure I want to get into that right now - and particularly without a little research. I assume I would need a few new gaskets and maybe other reassembly parts. Would you consider this a difficult repair?

This is the second time I have had the P0128 code since we bought the car four years ago, the first was November 2016. I am doing about the same fix as I did at that time. It is probably a bad thermostat. I reset the code with my OBD reader and app, and so far the code has not come back.    THANKS

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