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Thunder Road RWYB: GL-10 turbo tires?

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If you guys were watching ESPN last week, you probably saw my buddy roll his Camry at Thunder Roads (here in New England) race tracks "Run What You Brung" races. These are one on one, single elimination races.


Now I've got the bug.


I have a 1988 GL-10 turbo AWD. The clutch is shot, front calipers are shot, rear end needs welding...but I think I can get her ready for the last race in July.


So...what are the best competition tires I can put on for paved track racing?


Any other mods you can think of, suggestions?


Anyone got a cheapo clutch kit, front calipers?


I'm gonna get to work after I get the Brat away from dry dock (today, brake lines, rear shock mount, welding the frame and floor) and finish the GL (oil pump, t-belts)...

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ok.. first off, I have a question. You mention that the car is AWD

I assume its a FT4WD car. If its a stick, most of theFT4WD 5 speedscame with LSDs. If thats the case, please don't do any welding on it. If you want one to weld up and have it completely locked, I will get you one if you send me the LSD.


Beyond that, sounds like a blast!


EDIT: I have a set of calipers if no one closer to you has any

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