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Justy ej22 engine swap


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Will an ej22 out of a 91 legacy fit into a 91 justy? Will it just drop in and bolt up to the justy transmission?  How much of the electronics will have to be changed Ecuador, control modules and such?

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22 hours ago, FerGloyale said:

Not even close.

Justy uses 3 cyl, transverse mounted.  EJ22 is longitude mounted.

MAYBE with lots of fab, EJ22 and a matching trans could be hooked up to Justy axles.


Ha. I forgot Justy's use a 3-cyl....good call

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41 minutes ago, 1 Lucky Texan said:

certainly far from plug and play but, maybe some other small xverse engine could make a fun project? smart car, or honda Fit or motorcycle engine.....?


any 3 cyl JDM engines?

Yea, with some mounts and axles (and wiring, and plumbing...all the normal swap stuff), a person could put almost any transverse FWD drivetrain in one. Wouldn't even be terribly hard to keep it AWD (custom driveshaft, finding a rear diff in the right ratio).


People put VTEC Honda engines in old Minis fairly regularly....

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