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Still holding too much New Old Stock 1970’s Subaru parts and great used of the same era.

Storage is dog gone expensive and frankly I do need to pare down as I’ve sidestepped from the vintage Subaru world for the time being.

So .... look for me to get things rolling again very soon. eBay name - cashingmystuffin. 


Kamei air dam should be up later this weekend. Then whatever else I have time to list.

Its a good time if you’re in the northeast , to drive on over and shop direct !

1972-1979 Stage one and Stage two.

Any used parts are solid. Don’t write my sheet metal off as crap because you think it is because I live in CT. 

Fenders - couple NEW and several nice used

Front Valance for gen one Brat and 4WD wagon - NEW

Wheels - 74 Sport Mags (full set of 4) , a few others too. 

Much much more , I’m just getting tired and have to crash out. 

Milford CT if you care to drive there. 


My goal is to be out of the large storage unit asap.

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Back on eBay this week. Re-listed some items and added the new Kamei air dam (spoiler).

More very soon.

Engines seats fenders transmissions lights interior bits exterior bits and more just no comma.


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I posted in an older thread. I was interested in a plow setup back in 2015 and life got in the way. Currently working on an E82T swap into a 1985 brat and trying to upgrade to power steering and A/C and looking for 4 things:

1)A/c box section to fit 1985 Brat. I have one from a 1987 GL-10 and it's too big to be modified. Evaporator alone would be OK, I could fabricate a box if needed.

2)Ignition coil assembly for 1987 GL-10 Turbo, bracket has transistor mounted to it and that part is bad as well as a leaking coil

3)Set of wagon wheels to fit 1985 Brat

4)Plow setup if you still have one




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Sorry my friend , the plow sold for I think less than I paid for it , and I’m far removed from the 80’s with very little exception. 

Best of luck in your search. 

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Big bump for the “season”

Hoping to list some stuff on e bay but would much appreciate people stopping by. I know , it’s far. Why do I live way over here ??? It’s ok , push that gas pedal and make a trip out of it. 


Ebay - “cashingmystuffin”

Your happy place - my storage - exit 35 off I-95 Milford CT USA 

Next to highway , super easy. Contact me and we can work out weekday or weekend time - prefer we meet between 7:30am and 3:00pm WEEKDAYS but might be able to flex.

WEEKENDS I can meet you 7:00am on but not too late. Gets dark early so on weekends I like to be closing up around 4:30-5:00

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Yes sir eeeee still alive and still hoping to get storage reduced.

But so much going on I have nowhere near the time I really need to get there.

Meanwhile I am sadly offering good on eBay. “cashingmystuffin” that’s me. I’ve got around 70 items up right now. But that’s just some box stuff , way more at storage with some fenders , door , glass , engines , transmissions , rear diffs , A-bar , lots more. 


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I’m getting quite disgusted this time around. 

Somebody step up to the plate and buy me out. Please.

Milford CT - it’s in a storage unit off exit 35 of I-95 , really super easy to reach.

Check my stuff on eBay - “cashingmystuffin” , then also consider that I have lots more loose items , small box items , then fenders from 1972–79 and gen one Brat. Seats , dashboards - at least one uncracked , wheels , A-bar front end protector , engine or two , transmission (4 or 5?) mostly 4WD , glass - mostly NEW , windshield or two , even have NEW windshield gasket I was saving for myself. 

More too , I’m sure. 

Getting too worn out. I want to spend my time differently these days. 

This is not some crazy large load. One medium box truck would knock it out. But you’ll have a good load for sure. 


moosens@yahoo.com is best.

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Selling stock parts. Not sure how many members of a site which includes “mods” in their title are going to care for 1968-79 stock parts. 


Thanks for trying , but I don’t think I’ll bother with that one. 


You’re welcome to post directing folks over to me here. Or on the dreaded face crook sites. Here is best. 

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