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1984 GL 4WD wagon, all my problems, advice please


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Today’s problem, ignition coil.  What is a good replacement?   It throws a yellowish spark 1/4 inch.   It is definitely not any shade of blue.


Leaky engine oil.  The oil pump seal is the culprit. The oil pump is fine, only one season on it.  How  do I re- do the seal?



Water pump.  This one is 11 years old, and 24,000 miles.  Replace?


Catastrophic Converter y pipe piece needs to be replaced.  Where can I buy a decent one? 


Oh, and an donor-body.   This one is rusty. 

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I have often seen what theory says is a weak spark yet car has no problems

Do you have starting or running problems to report?

There is the seal in the front pulley as well as the oil pump and oil pressure switch that can leak up front - it takes some effort to determine where oil leak is, as well as sump gasket.....

Water pumps rarely get replaced due to preventative maintenance. Best first step is just to have a new pump in your hands, or shed, bedroom

Rockauto.com is a good starting point to find parts or at least correct terms, zero in on part differences between the years and models

I use EA82 Y pipe on EA81, just about 3/4" longer at join end and often the rubber hangers can take up the slack

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Here's my list from Rockauto, can report good function on all in my ea82

  • beck/arnley ignition coil 1788082
  • airtek/wells disty cap 5D1242A
  • airtek/wells disty rotor 4R1157
  • pacesetter 325998 catalytic converter Y pipe

At-205 re-seal has done wonders for my oil leaks

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He has an EA81 so he would most likely need different parts. You need to determine if you have a Hitachi distributor or nippo denso. Rockauto is a good source for your parts and a coil can be had from them at a reasonable price. 

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33 minutes ago, montermahan said:

A condenser could always be figured into the problem.

 You could throw a toaster into the engine bay and wire it up too. Probably do about as much good on an electronic ignition module. There is no capacitor on an 84. No points either. And if you are referring to the radio noise suppressor on the ignition coil - that's not required either. 


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