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Need Driver Side Window on 1980 Brat.

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Horray! I was cutting the grass, a rock flew and hit the glass on the brat! Could have hit the odyssey, or the civic, or the Jetta, nope, had to hit the vehicle that’s the hardest to find parts.

anyone have a drivers side window for a first gen brat? Unsure if second gen brats fit it. Thanks!

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On 9/8/2019 at 12:56 AM, moosens said:

First gen only. And I’m pretty sure I have one.

Lately I’ve got a lot going on that has kept me from storage , but this coming week things open up. I’ll check later in the coming week.


thank you! let me know please :) currently the brat is just sitting in the backyard with a bag taped on the window teleporting into the future as the days go by now undriven.

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I sure do understand the excitement of such a road trip. 

But 7 hours of fuel times two has to be way more $ than just having one sent to you. But again , it’s the excitement factor and the mystery of what else might be there. 

Take pic please ! Share the thrill. 

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so i went and found one Brat, junkyard is just wayyy too big to be wandering around when the place was only open for 3 hours on saturday, but i found everything i needed from that one brat!

the list of things i found include:
2 tail lights, 2 front corner lights, both types of grilles (2 headlights and 4 headlights type, there was an extra grille sitting inside in perfect shape for some reason) all 4 mudflaps in great shape, extra front disks and brake hardware, shift knob and 4WD shift knob, driver glass ofcourse! grabbed an extra antenna, all 4 marker lights, a whole tailgate, bed chrome trim, interior seat belts, dash clock, all dash vents, 2 interior door panels, 2 out of 4 metal center wheel caps, both mirrors, and i can't remember the rest, an extra wheel i grabbed, but didn't need it since the Peugeot i picked up while i was in Oklahoma (Not at the junkyard, just a private individual while i was up there) already had 4 Subaru wheels on it..  i still need to go through everything else in the bucket, i was pulling parts off like a madman while i was there, got a bunch of old Subaru Emblems too from other nearby old Subaru's from the 70's and 80's, i can't remember everything off the top of my head.

no bed seatbelts though! sad about that, there was one in the back but someone cut the belt part off for some reason, plus it was jammed up so i abandoned it.

i also got a few XT-6 parts since there were a few things there that were just too cool to not get as souvenirs.

Some scary looking Spider the size of my hand that i almost didn't see, no idea what it was though.

i also brought back home from oklahoma a $100 Peugeot 504, unrelated to Subaru's except for the bolt pattern on the wheel, but the same trip to make it worthwhile.







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