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Do I just tap the axle spindle back into the bearing housing??


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I was able to tap the axle spindle out of the bearing housing... that was pretty easy!

”How To Keep Your Subaru Alive” does  not mention that as an option.

A Youtube video shows tapping the housing back in to the spindle.

Can I do this without harming the CV joint?


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On 10/29/2019 at 5:01 PM, DaveT said:

Usually I can get enough threads through to start a nut. Pull it till it bottoms.  Put various spacers, washers, etc and use the nut each time until it's through.

this is exaclty what I did on saturday.  worked like a charm.  I put a little grease on the axle before starting.

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I learnt to do it the longer, easier way, by taking hub off vehicle, poking stub through from rear until it is jammed in and holds weight off the driveshaft

Then lift hub so gearbox face end of shaft is off ground best use block off wood

Then drop, lift, drop, lift, drop, lift drop uses weight of hub to work in Steptoe's favour

Never had any further dramas, never needed to freeze shrink stuff in freezer or apply heat

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