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Hey fellow old timers, long time no talk. Finally getting to a point where I want to work on my other Brat, but it turns out the block I had is rusted out to near complete oblivion inside the cylinders. I do not think I can salvage it. So I am looking for a usable EA71. I'm no longer in the west coast, and have since moved to Georgia, so let me know if there's one on my side of the world I can grab. Thanks guys.

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Which year ea71 is it ? Internal water passage or duct across the top deck ? 

I have an ATK rebuild in crate I bought a while back and likely won’t need. 


Do as you need to but there’s typically still folks looking for EA71 pistons. Of course you’ll have to draw that line on wether or not it’s worth your time. Me , I’d salvage and stock what I could if you’re carrying forward with another EA71.

Likely your pushrods can clean up too. Occasionally there’s a demand for those too. 


Good luck with it. I’m in CT and my stuff is in Milford right off the highway (I-95). Long drive but I have a LOT of stuff and I’m cleaning house. 

Check my stuff on eBay if you go there - cashingmystuffin - that’s me. Lots of New Old Stock and great used too. 

Help me clean house!!


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So I did the typical post a need for something and didn't check back on the forum. I got swept away and forgot all about it. I've been working on my garage getting everything in order, and more importantly making more space for my project(s). Moosens thanks for the reply, I apologize for getting back so late. I wouldn't necessarily be against a trip to Connecticut but it's an awkward time to travel right now, if you even still have the block. i'll check back when the worst of this covid is behind us. Hope you all are safe.

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