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1991 Subaru Loyale Body Kits??

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I am planning on upgrading the exterior of my wagon, shining it up and making it "car meet worthy" 

I was doing a little research, and I had the idea of swapping over the body kit from the 90 Leone rx turbo. 

It had mean side skirts, front lip, front bumper and rear. I was also thinking about doing a forester spoiler for the top of the hatch, and maybe build my own little diffuser for the rear. 

Will the rx side skirts and other body parts fit? I'm sure I can diy it and make it redneck fit but I know a lot of subie parts for this time range were kinda like building blocks. If they were just as easy unbolt and rebolt thatd be amazing but I don't imagine it'll be that way haha 


I was also thinking about doing a good scoop, for when do my ej22t swap (that spot in the hood where the spare tire sits looks like an awfully good spot for an intercooler), did any DL/GL vehicles come stock with hoods with hood scoops? Or am I gonna have to create my own? 

Appreciate any advice, be it negative or positive :))


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Those kid of mods were never my thing, but I don't remember seeing much of anything like that.  With many normal maintenance type parts NLA for these models - both OEM and aftermarket - I'd be surprised if there are any around. 

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