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‘97 EJ22 in a ‘04 Forester??

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Toying with which car to buy next, I would like to know if anyone can enlighten me as to whether an EJ22 will easily swap into a 2.0 NA ‘04 Forester.

I have a  damaged complete ‘97 Legacy with 90k miles and I am looking at the numerous options before buying a replacement car. 
one such vehicle is a clean 2004 2.0  NA Forester, but has 230k miles. -Not necessarily a problem but I don’t need a high mileage lemon!

I would love to keep that EJ22 as a  future replacement, but obviously only if I have a compatible car.

 We are in Europe and have Japanese-made Subarus.


 Thanks for any information

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Phase 2 ECU will not easily control a Phase 1 engine. I've heard of people diy adapter plates to put the Phase 2 intake manifold on a Phase 1 engine, then you have all the matching sensors. But it's not a great option.

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OK I get you.

As far as I can tell the European Subarus retained OBD I much later than the USDM models, our ‘99 Forester and ‘97 Legacy still have the old “connectors and CEL flash codes” system, no dash-mounted diagnostics socket.

I am not so sure about the ‘04 models though.

This is all theory to help me for my next purchase- 

thank you 

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