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New Member with 2 Gen I BRATs

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Helo and thank you for the add. I just picked up two relatively rust-free BRATs here in NM. Both are '78s with the dual headlights. One (the white one) has a title that I just got in my name. The other (silver) does not and is a parts car. Here is my quandary: It is easy enough to get a Bonded Title in NM. If I go that route, then I would not pull parts from the silver BRAT and would use it as a base for a fun project that I have in mind. The white BRAT needs a little TLC and should be back on the road soon enough. Both are complete enough to save. I look forwards to sharing my progress with these two cars here with the group.



White BRAT side reduced.jpg

White BRAT in Tow reduced.jpg

Silver BRAT reduces 1.jpg

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All the best with the title. These old beauties need to be saved where possible! 



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