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78-79 Brat find

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Hey guys. So I have a friend that tells me he has an old brat that has been sitting out in his field for some time and wanted to know if I wanted it. He says it has two extra motors in the back as well. Hood has been closed and can't open due to the cable being broken.

Any advice about snagging this. I have an 85 Brat that I have been working on for some time but I always seem to find more subies. 

Like I said, any advice?

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Enjoy !!! 

Just sold a hood release cable. Might have another buried away. I have tons of parts for those. New and used. 

My guess is you’ll love this one more than your second gen as soon as you get it looking pretty again. 

78 will have points , 79 electronic disty. 

You’re a smart guy , you’ll figure it all out. Plenty of factory service manuals out there. 

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Dashboard at the far left (drivers USA ) right up by the windshield.

Also stamped into the unibody in the engine bay on the firewall. 


Its a gen one so you can’t go wrong. 78 , 79 not a big deal. 


78 will have black lower panels on the seats. 

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I was going to go check it out, we are in "Break-Up", with all the melt off, roads are crazy, better have 4wd in some parts. Plus the guy was sick so I was waiting for him to get better and roads. He said it was going anywhere. I am getting more and more excited to go get it. I will keep you posted. 

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