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More rust repair 81 Brat

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Lots done 

cab and bed welded/riveted with POR 15 on cab side and seam sealer outside over self etching and regular primer

bed will get a truck bed liner eventually

quarter panels and rear cross welded and finished with fiberglass-putty to cover 

floorpans welded/riveted with POR 15









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Currently at the mechanic (just waiting on a new fuse box), all new brakes front and rear, including calipers, brake hoses, brake pads, hardware, rear wheel cylinders, drum linings, master cylinder),  new suspension bushings (sway bar, lower control arm to rear cross member), new rubber coupler, new steering rack, alignment; rewire the fuel pump properly, bypass the broken hazard switch with a rocker switch, and new modern style fuse box in place of the old glass style. 

Was it expensive? Yes, but having owned it for 22 years, hopefully another 22 will make it all worth it!


Next up, filling in all the little scratches and a home done paint job (Eastwood Mulsanne Blue flake), original Brat decals, and original aftermarket chrome side rails to be installed. 

Todd in Dallas has wheels, stripe kit, and seats that I need to pick up soon and then it will be done for now. 

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Personally in 22 years I’ll be 80 as of tomorrow. So if it were me I’d be set for my driving life which old Subarus aren’t totally compromising my orthopedics. And there’s no promise I’ll be comfy in a Brat during my 60’s and 70’s ! Something I do contemplate since my intentions are to wait out a while as I get back into my motorcycles and figure in a good 8 years maybe I’ll search for my gen one Brat. 

By then some of the folks buffing them out now will be tired and thinking of retirement, paying for kids college , etc etc

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