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Weber with rv cam jetting question.

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Ok... Just got my solid lifter ea81 back from the builder and he put an RV cam in it. I've got a Weber 32/36 and here's my question... Has anyone run this set up. If so, did you have to re-jet the Weber 32/36? It's a lot harder than I thought to get the idle mixture right... Still working on it actually.. I know it's all going to change after the engines broken in... Does anyone have jet numbers for the main and secondaries? Plugs look ok, but a little on the lean side.. I would prefer to run a little rich than lean ..... Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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Ok... With the help of general disorder I got it figured out. I opened up the secondary throttle plate enough to back out my fast idle screw to where there is no ported vacuum at idle... Timed to 16btdc... Runs way better... 

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