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Removing windshield, gen2 Brat, how?

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My plan is to remove the windshield on my 1985 Brat, repair the rust around the edges, and then have the a new windshield replaced professionally.

I have a new gasket!

How do I remove the old one?  


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Using a very sharp blade, cut the rubber away from the inside as close to the metal as you can. Gently push the windscreen out. 

Remove the windscreen from the rest of the rubber then *carefully* remove the plastic chromed strips for use in the new rubber seal. 



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You would be surprised how easy it is to fit back in yourself, with one pair of hands.

I paid a *cough " pro" mobile fitter. His poobox work wagon leaked black oil on my drive, charged me a 20 years into the future price on new gasket, did it dry, quoting they were a dry fit. It leaked :(

Subaru manual says use sealant prior to fit.

14 years ago they wanted $88. Took me 20 minutes

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To remove it, try using a piano or metal guitar string with a grip attached to each end.  Making it a two man job.  Leaks also may occur from the air intake that is hidden just in front of the windshield.  Which is also where the mice like to get in.  You can build up the lip that keeps water from really flowing into the heater vents, with caulking, and put  hardware cloth over the top to keep the mice out.

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