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Stoopid dog - 1984 Brat


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After much time off neglect and procrastination she's on the road and smogged. Survey says?! 


She's still running too lean, but I have a new fuel filter to install and checking the vacuum secondaries for operation before major mechanical repairs like the axles and turning her into a daily driver. I've been absorbing all the knowledge I can from the experienced Subaru vets as I can and I appreciate that you've shared it on here. 

Check out her smog sheet. My lambda calculation has her over 1.2 which is insane and near 20:1 AFR on both the 15 and 25mph. I don't want to burn out the cat so I'm going to find fuel somewhere if it kills me before putting too many miles on her. 

She's a dog on acceleration, but runs like a champ and is smooth as can be even without higher end power. And no, I am not considering a weber conversion as I live in California, but I'm willing to tune the crap out of the shitachi carb. 

Hope everybody else is having success with their projects. 


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In my constant need to test and improve all the parts whilst driving, I think I've found that the AAV is not sucking in the good way.  Tested it a few times and seems like it's shot internally and I'm theorizing that it may be causing the lean condition I'm hunting.  I'm also going to swap out the possibly faulty EGR and rubber hose on it due to the idle rising when I spray carb cleaner near the gasket/diaphragm/hose area.

In searching for my (possibly) lost power I've checked the spark plugs and only #3 seems a bit off.  Compression test is good.  Timing is spot on at 9 degrees.  

To anybody who can answer this; When warm, do you get vacuum at your distributor advance, or is it ported like I suspect?  Which makes no sense because according to the emissions diagram you're supposed to disconnect it while checking timing.  Why bother if it isn't applying vacuum?!

I've run myself ragged trying to make sense of the vacuum routing in my head and thermo switching valve operation to the EGR and advance mechanism.

She runs.  She's got new tires.  And she sounds like the car from the Jetsons.  It might be from the future.





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