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EA81-T Fuel Pump

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Dropped the fuel pump mounting plate and found two pumps and the vapor separator. FP was wired to the ignition relay. I'm going to re-wire a new universal pump like factory to the f.p. relay and can I delete the vapor separator? Which will delete the charcoal canister and I'll need to plug up vacuum and purge points. Also put a breather on one of those lines. Anybody do the same thing?


I know it would probably shut off on cold start unless you keep your foot on the accelerator until it starts. I don't care about that as long as the engine bay looks cleaner.


Don't mind the fuel lines in the picture. 


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That's a surge tank. One pump (the little squarish one) is a lift pump, that fills that little tank. The round pump is the high pressure fuel injection pump. Seems like either some part of this car (perhaps the fuel tank) didn't come from a turbo model and so someone has rigged this surge tank to circumvent the need for fuel tank baffles, etc.....

Don't be so hasty to delete everything you see. You need to make sure it doesn't need a surge tank before you go de-engineering the car. 


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