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Anybody run cylinder walls like these on an ea81?

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On 12/29/2020 at 6:56 AM, GeneralDisorder said:

...an engine for which you can no longer buy an oil pump?...

Did not know about this...

Slowly the parts supply is drying up.

Rebuilt my EA81 Brat engine with my dad back in 2012. Water pumps, oil pumps etc were still available at the time.

Cannot remember what size overbore we went with, probably .40s to clear the pitting in the cylinders. They were generic ITM Pistons that were flat-top. Had I known a little more then, would have asked the shop to source the same size piston for the EA71. Hear that combo produces more compression but never seen it in action.

I'm glad we took the time, effort, and money to rebuild it the right way. The Brat still runs amazing to this day and should keep on going well into the future... knock on wood.

Cost of the parts for the rebuild of the EA81 AND the shop labor was like $1100 back then. Well worth it in my opinion... peace of mind in knowing what you have.

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