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EA82T Swap into a 92 Loyale questions

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Im thinking of parting out my 86 xt turbo and keeping the engine(68k) and putting it in my loyale(200k). I also have a d/r tranny I want to put in the loyale also. What parts will I need from the XT besides the engine, ecu, and exhaust? Im guessing I will need the xt crossmember also? I havent really looked at the loyale b/c Its my brothers and hes not home much. Is that all I would need from the xt? I dont want to sell something I might need for the swap. And with the tranny b/c the loyale currently has a 5spd s/r tranny swaping in a d/r should only require the 2nd shift lever for the d/r part?

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You will need to swap the engine crossmember...the turbo crossmember has an indention made for the turbo header...where as the NA ones dont.


Otherwise, its a pretty straight forward swap....wiring will be the interesting and fun part. :drunk: Be patient on that. You will pretty much have to swap out the entire wiring harness....i woudl not do that from an XT to loyale...but use the XT parts, and then use another 1986 sedan/wagon/coupe for wiring and some additional parts. To make D/R, swap in the entire shifter mechanism.

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