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try going to a radio repair shop, hard to find but they do still exist, i have one in my city. should cost somewhere between $35-$65 (if no radio repair stores exist in your city, look for someone that knows how to repair gauge clusters on vehicles, they will know how to repair radio's but may not advertise it)

gen 1 radio's are quite expensive for what they are, here's one on ebay currently but it's a very early one with only AM- https://www.ebay.com/itm/1970s-CLARION-X100-SUBARU-DATSUN-RADIO-RF-1421/392833347813?hash=item5b76b130e5:g:CoIAAOSwUQle4TOJ

next time, try a FM transmitter if your gen 1 radio is a hybrid of both AM and FM, where you tune to the station you preset already, they're $5 at 5 Below, or you can get a better quality one at walmart for like $10. Auxiliary quality isn't really needed with an original Clarion Subaru radio, sounds like a turd anyways so might as well transmit it through FM waves.

only thing you'll need is an auxiliary jack on your Phone/Ipod.

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I’ll agree that some folks are asking a bit much for the early versions of the Clarion , etc. and same for old style clocks that work. 

But among the community I would hope somebody has one to offer. 

Outside chance I may have one still around. I’ll be cracking the whip at storage over the weekend as best as I can. I’ll post back and message you if one shows up. 


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Hi guys, joined just to ask this question! This forum post was the only result in my search for information on this Clarion RF-1421 I picked up.

Was it a factory radio? Anyone have the pinout so I can test it? Just trying to find any info I can on it! 

Sorry for bumping an old thread but seemed the ones that'd have the answer were all in here :)




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31 minutes ago, croak said:

That looks like a gen 1 dl radio. i have the pinout, will post here when I find it. 

That's awesome! Really appreciate it.

Wasn't sure what years/trims it might have been used in. Saw this 79 GL had one very similar but with reversed knobs.


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