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Stolen 1987 GL wagon with roof top tent, North Seattle

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STOLEN 1987 Subaru GL wagon.  Silver color, EA82 with 5 speed D/R.   Stolen  Oct. 17th in North Seattle. WA plate AHR0543.  The back seat (bench type) was removed. The image is from before the 'Quick-n-Easy rack' and tent install. The roof top tent is a 2 person TEPUI. Travel cover is black. Large black plastic wind deflector in front of tent.  The tent fabric is the silver colored all weather, 4 season canopy. I made a larger rainfly that fits over the stock rainfly. Very unique appearance because the custom rainfly is supported by tent poles with shock cord to make long horizontal poles. The tent had defects from the factory. One problem was the holes for the stock rainfly support rods were drilled horizontally. I had to drill vertical holes so the rod anchor places have 2 sets of holes. The ladder side floor has two 4" diameter port holes with threaded covers in the corners for a heating system. Half the heating system was in the tent. The tubes to convey dry heat are 2" diameter stainless steel bellows type tube (very rare tube ).

Vehicles  all over Seattle are stolen with shaved keys so homeless persons can have vehicles to commit crime and live in. It is mobile family dwelling. The homeless population is immune to prosecution. They park on the streets and can not be towed.

If my vehicle is trashed, I will have EA82 and GL spare parts available: engine, heads, case bolts, lash adjusters, mirrors to list a few.

If you see this vehicle in western Washington, please call the Seattle Police Dept. non-emergency line  206 625-5011 with regards to incident # 2020-296202

Thanks ahead of time,



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I could not recover my password for silverback so now I am posting as Subie1987.

They stole it again.  Silver  87 GL wagon, EA82,  5sd/dr.  Washington plate AHR0543.

I recovered my Subaru from the 1st event 2 months after it was stolen, 30 blocks away from me. It was stolen for the wheels but when a hubcap was removed, they saw the wrong lug pattern and left. Sat for 2 months in a residential neighborhood unlocked, untouched.

This time is different. They got past an anti-theft device. Jiggle key, no broken glass. Stolen by 2 guys in a late model JEEP Cherokee. The front grill is not chromed and is the color of the JEEP body. Florida plates. No color / plate available from an  IR surveillance camera. ( A 'JEEP' person looked at the video and ID'd the vehicle. The funniest signage that I have seen on a Subaru is: ' I got your Jeep thing and now it hurts when I pee'. )

With the  roof top tent, the vehicle has a unique high profile. The tent cover is black. Tent material is silver. The tent base is supported by 6 'Quick-n-Easy'  gutter mount towers, about 8" above the vehicle top. The vehicle was a common sight in north Seattle.

The license plate frame reads "Plays well with other Silverbacks". The lift gate has 2 unique bumper stickers. On the left side: "it's a 5 speed and I am ahead of you". On the right side; "Hybrid......the operator, not the subie".

If you see the vehicle, please call the Seattle Police Department, 911, regarding incident #2022-9661.  SPD no longer answers the non-emergency phone line due to staffing problems.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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That sucks mate! 

All the best with finding her a second time!! Fingers crossed as second time find your chances are low as you know. 

If you get her back in decent condition go thank your lucky stars abs buy a lotto ticket! 



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Update. I recovered my Subaru wagon today. Seattle Police found it in a parking lot of a low rent housing development and notified me. Keep in mind that if your vehicle is stolen, opt for the 'do not tow / impound option. Otherwise you will be nailed for tow and storage fees. Always get to the vehicle and then decide what to do. The catalytic converter was not stolen (rare these days ). I drove it home. I must have Subaru zen. The roof top tent was stolen which is not uncommon. The mounting framework attached to the vehicle was left behind. Most mounting systems do not have anti theft hardware. The 'tamper resistant' nuts that I have seen don't work.  A cordless grinder will get through the mounts. A guy would have to build a system to remove the RTT after each use. They can be heavy and awkward.

Previously, I drove around homeless camps all over Seattle and Kent. Garbage dumps. Face book has a section called PNW Stolen Cars. Check it out and you might be shocked.

Ignition cut outs seem to be the way to go for many people. If they want your vehicle and can't drive it, they will tow it. They are pros and probably armed and dangerous. Interrupting an organized theft is risky.

Be safe out there.

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Awesome news! And surprising too. They’d burn it out here (usually). Zero regard to the car or the (possibly passionate) owner. 

That’s nuts about the theft of vehicles over there! That sort of thing does happen here but it’s rare enough not to stress about it. If you see it happen here you call the police and because the theft is in progress they’re more likely to attend ASAP. 

Dunno how you’ll keep your Subaru long term, sounds like an epic battle of vehicle ownership against those that don’t have a vehicle and those that work with a stolen to order checklist. 

All the best! 


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I was going to offer you this body for $500.   Have a clear title.  Glad you got yours back.   Yep this car is in southern New Mexico, off the end of the earth.  No enthusiast base for these cars here, they all drive new ones.    


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