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All for 1974 GL Coupe, LHD US spec

1. Rear quarter panel to weld in (passenger)

2. Windshield and gasket (front)

3. Rolling window (passenger)

4. Center console with or without armrest

5. Headlight trim ring and back mounting bracket

6. Taillight lens and trim (passenger)

7. License plate light plastic cover

8. Front and rear JDM spec bumpers 

9. Front combination lights for under JDM bumper

10. GSR airdam or cast to recreate one from

11. Rear view mirror

12. Sun visor (driver)

13. Ashtray face plate for seatback tray

14. Factory optional rear sun louver

15. Factory optional roof luggage rack

16. Factory optional front panel guard

17. Any body related weather seals, grommets, etc

18. Gas filler cap

19. Dome light cover

20. Gas pedal foot pad

21. Fender mounted mirrors

I understand that a lot of these items are next to impossible to locate, so I’m posting this with pretty low expectations for things like the airdam, JDM spec parts, and factory options. The list may grow as I get farther into my project, and I have some driveline components that I may be willing to trade with or sell as well. If you have other parts that will fit this vehicle, let me know what you have, I’ll consider anything.


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that’s me




that’s me too 

you can PM here or find me on eBay as mentioned in your other post. 

I have a major portion of your list. 

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It won’t take long to get a thorough education on 1970’s Subarus. 

What you have is considered a Stage one car. In 1977 Subaru finished one body run and began a new one , hence Stage one 1977 and Stage two 1977. 

So along the way the previous era was declared stage one (1972-77) and then stage two (1977-79).

And the first Brat is associated to stage two and runs up through 1981.

1982 begins a next gen for the Brat. 

1980 begins a new gen for the cars. 

Laughable history - 1973 had 3 stages within that year. It’s own story.


So the car you’re looking at being stage two definitely came with a 1600 You can use that engine and drivetrain in your car. They are similar in size and you might not even need the 1600 crossmember , but if the opportunity is there it wouldn’t hurt to have. 

Wheels are the same , brakes too. 

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