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2021 crosstrek sound/issue


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My nephew purchased a brand new 2021 subaru crosstrek, basic edition.  Fresh off the haul actually, when he brought it home it still had all the stickers on it and everything.  Now he loved the car till it started the issue...It is hard to describe what is happening to it...Its like the dashboard is vibrating, and sounding all weird...Now he has taken it in to the Subaru Dealership 4 times already and they have found nothing wrong with it.  Even had the car for a week, and still nothing. I am attaching a file that he recorded. If anyone knows what this could be please help.

Took a video from my phone from his phone, you may have to turn the volume up a bit.

hope video works, took awhile to compress


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I couldn’t hear any audio in the video or see enough to see anything.

While driving or idling or both?

Does steering, brake pedal or gas pedal change it - or its always doing it? 

Does he have a go pro to record it?

maybe get an app that can record decibel level and compare it to other news one on the lot?

A second dealership or regional rep is ideal if the dealer can’t find anything.


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Weird, its like a buzzing sound from his dashboard. It happens randomly, and when the car is off too. I wish I could find a way to post another video.  I had to convert the original a dozen times to get it 2mb limit... It was brand new too! 

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ah that’s important “even when the car is off”?  If it’s making a noise with the car off - and where are the keys, in the ignition or not? On or off?

i would check the speaker surrounds/grilles.

and see if he can narrow down where it’s coming from - the left, right, or center?

For the video Maybe you could post it elsewhere like Dropbox or YouTube and give a link?


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Ok, I will see what my nephew says. Perhaps he can link his dropbox to this page.   Honestly, he could answer more questions. But he is however, exchanging the Crosstrek for a 2020 WRX...So that issue may not even be a problem anymore for him anyway. Thanks Will tell him what to check though

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