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I have an 03 Subaru forester x 2.5 SOHC and my cylinder heads and engine are no good. The forester engine that is original to the car did not have EGR. I have acquired a 2.5 long block from an 04 outback and I realize that I have to transfer over my intake assembly and most likely the cam and crank sprockets from my original forester motor. The problem I have is the drivers side cylinder from the outback came with an EGR port on the back of the drivers side cylinder head and the intake I will be using doesn't have the corresponding EGR port. Is it possible to somehow block or plug the EGR port on the outback cylinder seeing how my engine /wiring was never setup for that EGR tube. Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks, Dan

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Yep just block it off. No big deal. 

I just use an old engine part that’s close to the right fit and cut/grind and drill holes to fit the EGR opening in the head.  Use a cut to form gasket or RTV to seal it between the metal and head.  Or cut a piece of steel, I’ve done that before too.

You can also leave the EGR pipe attached and cut the pipe and weld it closed or bend the pipe over, stuff a metal ball in the pipe and weld it shut.

could probably RTV a 50 cent piece or quarter over top and call it good. I prefer to have a flat piece of metal bolted and RTVed in place 

It is going to get hot but it’s not under any significant combustion pressures so it doesn’t need anything very stout  

Use whatever you got laying around that’s close and make it work. Or get a piece of metal and drill two holes. 

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