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Advice on mods?


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Since I got my car, I’ve had some unsolicited advice on what I should do with it in terms of modifications. Someone suggested an “air/oil separator” and a “cylinder 4 cooling kit”. I currently have no mods done to it, and am unaware of any mods that have been done by the previous owner. Are these things I should look into? 

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You should list your car when you have specific questions.

I think you’ve got a newer Subaru if I recall correctly from your other threads. For daily driver uses that car is set up to perform very well right from the factory. Drive and enjoy. If you have some specific goals - what are they?  You haven’t stated any so I’d just ignore people...including me...and enjoy it.  

Id pretty much enjoy the car for what you want out of it not what other people think. I’d basically ignore anyone’s opinion. Anyone seeing a new car and commenting on mods....I’d just internally shake my head and want to be around different people who don’t think that way. 

But alas that’s me sorry.  On to the merits of “to mod or not”.  I work on a lot of Subaru’s and maybe 1% of commentary I hear is practically or factually accurate.  Most people are regurgitating, striking up conversation, giving low grade anecdotal feedback, glad someone is listening to their jabbering (I mean we all like it when people listen to us!), or vicariously living through you. You are not likely to run into a well versed subaru informant. All of what I just said is 5 times truer if you have a turbo vehicle...and maybe 10 times truer if you’re a female who owns a turbo.  Sounds asinine but it’s probably accurate. Nod politely and move on.

I hate trying to help someone with a car when a “friend” is there commenting - it’s usually total garbage, made up to sound cool guesswork - and I’m going to do the real work and get things done while they do nothing. There’s a reason they’re only doing the talking and I’m the one  making things happen. Wash rinse repeat - seen it countless times   

If it’s a turbo don’t use anything but synthetic and change the automatic (if it’s an auto) trans fluid at 50k even if the manual says otherwise.

Older turbos it was a good idea to remove the banjo bolt screens. but here’s where you should ignore me - I generally avoid turbos so that’s probably archaic info. Someone else will know if there’s any “really should consider doing this” mods and if those banjo screens are a thing on newer turbos  

Otherwise don’t do anything except what you want. 

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I think a big 'bang for buck' mod that also peronalizes a car is rims - preferably lighter weight than stock but regardless.

It isn't cheap, but if you use one of the tools at Discount Tire, or maybe it's Tirerack's website, you can select your car, in its color, then virtually 'try on' rims.

You could also put snow tires on your original rims for wintertime. (I'm guessing Mass gets plenty of snow)


and, run stickier tires, better performance for 'spirited' driving/cornering. Cops almost ignore how fast you turn - going fast in a straight line gets you in trouble.


After that, find a HDPE class, or try to get involved in local SCCA and try an autoX course. The 2 HDPE's I did were awesome, ran thru 3/4 tank of gas in a day.

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