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Well...a friend of mine had a 1992 Loyale Sedan that was starting to take shape.


He had just transplanted the 1988 RX engine into the shell, running 3.9 gearbox. Had intercooled it with a 626 Intercooler, was running a cone filter, and atmospheric BOV. The thing was running well, and just starting to scare the piss outta people.


Anyways...doing the rallying thing like we like to do on friday, he came into a corner on gravel a little too hot, and noticed the corner tightened and narrowed. He ended up drifting wide into some tall grass, the outside wheels bit in, and rolled him over, one complete roll and back onto his wheels. The engine was actually still running when they came to a rest.


Fortunately both my friend and his passanger were un-harmed.


Unfortunately after jumping out of the car, they found the roof was caved in, the only 3 windows that survived were the rear windshield, the small rear 1/4 windows and the drivers side rear door window. The only body panels left undented were the Drivers side rear door, and the hood.


Oddly enough. the only damage to the running gear and suspension was a tire that had poped off the bead.


After pumping the tire back on it's bead, kicking the windshield out, and driving it out of the ditch, He drove it back to his friends place, before the cops came.


He's now going to scrap the shell, and save all salvagable parts. Then stick the motor and everything into a good wagon shell.


RIP to a quick Loyale

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