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Could use XT parts!

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Hey folks! I have an 88xt non turbo, part time 4wd that I would like to fully restore or do a build of. I bought it from the original owner who unfortunately drove it in the snow so there is some cancerous rust. The water pump fell off into the crank pulley and damaged some things but I believe the engine to be salvageable as it didn't overheat too terribly. I would love any help finding body/interior/engine parts to help restore or build this thing back glory. It would be cool to swap in a higher power motor or the ER27. I would be ecstatic to find a set of louvers as well. Anything helps! I'm new to Subarus so I'm kind of unfamiliar with alot of things. Thank you all for responses/help:burnout:

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The stuff specific to the XTs (body and interior) are some of the rarest parts in the Subaru world, just the wrong combination of uncommon and undesirable. The classifieds here, and the various old school and/or XT Facebook groups are probably your best bet.

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Water pump and crank should be easily repairable.  Post a picture of any problem areas if you need help.

Remove crank pulley and water pump and replace the water pump.  A used pulley from any EA82 is easy to find or repair the one you have.  Get a Subaru water pump gasket or use water pump tack on the gasket if you use a flimsy aftermarket gasket some of them are horribly thin and prone to leak.

There are two style water pumps - you’ll want to look into which one you need  

While doing that repair Id install new timing belts, timing belt pulleys, cam seals, cam cap oring and crank seal and reseal the oil pump. get the cam crank and oil pump seals from Subaru. Better quality, I’ve seen those older generation Subaru  aftermarket seals not fit well and leak . That’s a long list but it adds little time to the overall water pump job you already neeed to do and will be done right for reliability if you’re going to use and drive it.   Timing belts have to come off to replace the water pump anyway  so most of the labor is already done for all that stuff.

and yes jt can all be done in the vehicle.

remove the radiator gives a lot more space particularly for someone not familiar with subarus or EA82s. Otherwise it’s tight  

For engine - Use an EJ22. Simpler and easy to find parts. The ER27 has some very difficult to find parts. It’s a good engine otherwise but not easy or ideal for quite a few reasons.

But if you have any questions I’ve owned like two dozens ER27s, and have a few right now.

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