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First Time Subie Owner

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Hello everyone. 

I am a first time Subaru owner.

My entire life, I've only ever owned Fords. I still own a 93 Bronco, but since gas for the Bronco was costing me $240 a month, I figured that was enough for a car payment. I've always liked the Impreza hatchbacks, so I decided to go for it.

I just purchased a 2013 Impreza Sport Limited Hatchback. I couldn't spring for a wrx, but I love it anyway.

I am big into modding my vehicles and I'm discovering that after market parts for my Subie are damn near non existent.... I'm ready to take on the challenge though. I am glad to have found this forum to help me navigate Subaru ownership! It's all new to me.


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Grim, there will be quite a bit of suspension stuff available for the car. You might check out www.nasioc.com

a tune may help a little, but the turbo cars can benefit most from tuning.

at www.subaruoutback.com, there's a user west_minist that has tuned several folks' cars. he has a website, http://xtremeracingtuning.com/

if you want to mod for offroad, plenty of folks here could help with that.

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Suspension is where the best bang for buck will be in mods for your Impreza. A tune might tidy up the power delivery a tiny bit to your driving style. There should be small changes that could be made in the tune that’ll change the feel of the drive. 



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