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Gen one Brat camper cap rough eastern CT

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Rough shape but still existing. Will need the gasket to seal to bed rails. And more help needed I’m sure. 

Sometime before winter , hoping soon , this Brat will be removed from the property. Don’t bother asking about the Brat. It’s beyond help. 

Sorry but I’ve used my photo/data allotment here and can’t seem to delete old pics easily. So I don’t have a pic here. Might add one on FB but trying to avoid that. 

It’s a Snug Top made for Subaru , has the expected parts but they may need help. The hatch stays up but one of the supports looks like it doesn’t help the cause. The side windows are there and although I didn’t move them I’d say they are useable or restorable. Rear glass is good , handle turns. I see a J hook or two but the top appears to be loose. A little too much junk still and wasn’t a good day to take it off. 

Just putting this out there for now. If you’re serious please contact me through PM 

Contact me and I’ll send pics and you can make an offer. I’m not looking for much at all. 

It’s White and the HIGH style for over the HIGH rollbar. 
Near the casinos in eastern CT

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Last call. Northeast USA might be something worth driving for to the right person. 

Hoping to have this Brat trashed very soon , like next couple of weeks at the latest. 

Not my property and I’m just not prepared to store it so please act soon if you want it. 

Sorry no pics here but you can email me at moosens@yahoo.com 


Make is soon ;)

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