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New Brat Owner, Need info

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9 hours ago, Warren99 said:

Also never mentioned it before but the spare is still under the hood, looks entirely unused. I doubt it's worth anything but I thought it was cool.

if the tire has no date on the sidewall, then it's probably the original, i still need to get mine replaced since it looses air after about 45min, bridgestone is what Subaru used in it's early days when the vehicle was new.

the "date" would be in an ovaled out spot on the sidewall, with numbers like "2305", standing for the 23rd week of 2005. "5112" stands for 51st week of 2012, hope that helps.

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Looks like a project! Just got my 81 back from the mechanic. Second time trying to get the shimmy out of the front rotors. Little bit better but still giving plenty of room to cars in front of me. I replaced all the brake lines with new ones (got off Rock Auto). Calipers are super rare but you can always upgrade to new hubs, rotors, calipers from a GEN2 as those parts are (may) still be available. 


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