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Someone new from Poland with interesting project

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Hi everyone,

at the beginning, forgive me please my future mistakes, English is not my native language, but I'll try my best. It's so nice to meet you all guys.

I'm driving 1997 GC8 Impreza 2.0 RX "555 Sport" Limited (one of rare, european versions of NA Impreza's).


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Thank you Crazyeights for your warm welcome. Of course I'll share a pictures of my beloved, little car. I have it for four years, done many mods to improve performance and now, the biggest project in my life. I've made it totally without electronics, only dual carbs and mechanical ditsy. Yes, I know, I'm crazy.

As stock car, it has full body kit without hood and interior without steering wheel, from european GT Turbo version. Limited paint job, 53C "Monte Carlo Blue/555 Blue" to memorize the win in Rally Monte Carlo, 16" Enkei stock wheels and some gold stickers too. Mechanical it's standard, naturally aspirated 2.0 Impreza, RX model which was the richest trim version of NA GC8 in Europe.

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