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Gen one Brat inner bed panels in CT USA

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Sorry no pics but if you email me I can send them eventually. PM here or email at moosens@yahoo.com 

These are the long panels inside the bed. One has the semi-arch for the rear wheel and that one is in very decent shape for its age. The other one is a straight panel , also kind of decent for the rust zone BUT it does have a slight amount of rot at one edge in a small area. 

Amazingly there’s still some edge protector rubber/seal and a trim piece that survived well on one of the panels. 

If you’re willing to drive over to Milford CT or possibly meet me somewhere in my travels you can have them both for $40. Consider it $40 for the nice panel with the bump and the second straight panel free. 

If you only need the nice panel $40

Want the straight panel to work your magic on over the winter ? It’s free but make life easy on me or chip in for a beer. 

These were barn stored and I cleaned them up somewhat. Pics if you need them.


Nothing else at the moment but I do plan on tearing down a really rotted gen one Brat very soon. Feel free to ask about anything but give it some thought beforehand. If you know it’s made of metal pretty much don’t ask. Will add a second post when that magic moment arrives. Good glass , I think rear seats I may keep , Snug Top camper shell needs gasket but all sliders and hatch work well. Have a shot at a second life.


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