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Brake Kits, Clutch Kit, Wheels; 1988 GL

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Recently bought a 1988 GL Suby. I was looking up font brake kits (rotor, caliper, pads) and I started seeing rotors being suggested from summit racing that had slightly different brake rotor bolt patterns. Anyone have any website or kits they have used that worked and they would recommend. 


Also looking for a complete clutch kit (pilot bearing, alignment tool, throw out bearing etc) and would appreciate any recommendation. The summit racing offerings did not have a pilot bearing. 

Last but not least, I would SURE like to find some wheels. Would like to find some a 15 or 14inch wheel with the proper spacing (I really dont want to punch a stud or redrill). And no, I have not found any pugot wheels!


Looking forward to my project!

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Summit probably isn't your best bet for parts for this car. Most of us use RockAuto.com these days. It can sometimes be a little hazardous finding parts for these cars, as the naming structure isn't terribly clear ("GL" was used on many body styles, with overlapping years), but '88 and '89 are the easiest, here in the US. But when you can, look for measurements and verify them. Also, in 88, yours should be an EA82, which is usually listed as an OHC engine, (EA81 was OHV, but is a different body style with very few parts directly interchangeable).

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I've often used 90 loyal for driveline parts searching with good luck.  For 86 through 93 EA82 engine powered wagons.  Latest parts buys I went to NAPA.


Wheels, idk.  There are threads on here about what wheels can be modded and others on how to drill hubs for other wheels.

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Thanks guys. I will take a look at napa and use 1990 loyal. Does anyone know the wheel width for stock wheels? I see there is one retailer that makes the 4x140 15inch wheels but they make various widths (It is listed in a thread here). Any idea what 15x_ would work?

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