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You say: "...we changed water pump thermostat and gasket radiator and hoses..."

If the cooling system wasn't bled properly, there might have been air trapped in the system, an 'air-lock'.  And that could cause overheating; and it might not manifest itself immediately on short trips around town.  But eventually the engine would overheat.

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Assuming the engine starts and runs ... start it with the radiator cap off. Let it idle a few minutes, and look for bubbles of exhaust in the radiator. If you're getting exhaust into the coolant, that can cause it to get hot, and it will pressurize the cooling system. If you don't see any burping or bubbling, the level just rises smoothly as it warms up, you probably don't have a bad head gasket.


'99 Outback means 2.5L DOCH, right? They had a lot of head gasket problems. I have one of those as a parts car, because it had head gasket problems and overheated. The previous owner fixed that, then it developed a bad rod knock and he gave it to the mechanic who passed it on to me.

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11 hours ago, albert_tevs2020 said:

Hello I need help I'm fist time Subaru owner yesterday my Subaru Outback overheated 


Headgaskets - install a 95-98 EJ22 engine. 

Make sure it's burped, Subaru OEM thermostat and radiator cap.  But you will find the headgaskets are bad eventually.   The previous owner sold it with bad headgaskets and you bought it with bad headgaskets.  That's the worst Subaru engine to buy used without very careful attention to details. 

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