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Rear Axel Nut on a Front Wheel Drive

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I replaced the rear wheel bearings in my two-wheel drive Loyale about 3K miles ago. Timken bearings, high temp grease. All was well until a couple days ago, when I started to hear a low volume crunching/scraping during right turns from the right rear. :slobber: For bearing install, I followed Haynes on the axel nut: 30 lbs. torque, then back it off a quarter, then hand tight, then bend the retainer washer.


:confused: Anyone have experience with whether or not these axel nuts need re-torquing, or am I definitely looking at a crispy new bearing? Thanks in advance.


UPDATE: Axel nut was fine. Turned out to be rusted, bent splash guard on the inboard side of the brake drum rubbing on the drum in turns. Pulled off rusted portions of splash guard. Problem solved.

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