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subaru leone III dl1.6 ideas for an engine swap.


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i have an old subaru and i need ideas for a swap. i dont speak english very good so sorry for some errors. i have a subaru leone dl1.6 station wagon and its front wheel drive. his ea71 engine is very worn out and i have the desicion to do a swap or repair the engine, so what engine fit the stock transmision . i was thinkin of a ea82 or a ej18 carburated and i dont kwow is it wil fit in the stock transmison.

thanks for any advice

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Hey Lezor, 

A like-for-like engine replacement is the easiest to do. 

The EA82 should drop in no worries, there might be some minor wiring differences but it should bolt in all the same. 

Any EJ engine will require an adaptor plate and flywheel modifications to use the factory gearbox. You will have to cut down the EFI engine management loom to fit it to your L series - unless you can get your hands on a carburettor fed EJ engine, in which case you’re looking at minor wiring changes between the factory L series. You would still need an adaptor plate and flywheel bolt hole modifications. 

I hope this helps out! 



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