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Dual Range Trans into 92 Loyale

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I have two of these old cars. One is an '87 that has the dual range tranmission.  The car has been there and back believe me. T-boned once in the early 2000's and then rolled by my son who pushed it back over onto its wheels and driven home.  This car needs a cat to pass smog, but it's so beat up, it's probably not worth the costs.  The transmission is the only component worth saving.  The other is a '92 Loyale with the button push single range 4wd system.. This car has a nice tight body but the clutch is living on borrowed time.

I'm thinking of dropping the dual range trans and clutch (which has low miles) out of the '87, and swapping it into the '92.  Is rhis pretty much a direct swap?  

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Direct swap. Will need to ensure the rear diff ratio matches the gearbox ratio. Swap the centre console to accommodate the dual range lever. 

Everything else will bolt in the same. 

Fair effort on the ‘87 with its history!! I’m guessing it was only a roll onto its side type of rollover? Down here anything that involves the roof in a rollover is an instant ticket for a write off - unless you know someone who’s really good at re-grafting a replacement roof and pillars to your ride. Not a common thing to happen here. 



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