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4wd fuse on 1985 gl wagon 4x4

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Dual range has a lever for 2wd-4hi-4lo. Pulling a fuse will only switch the dashboard lights off. 

The PT4wd uses a push button on top of the selector to activate a set of vacuum solenoids that moves a diaphragm that acts on a lever. If you pull the fuse that provides power to this circuit, you’ll probably be deactivating other electrical items in the vehicle and the gearbox will remain in 4wd. 

If yours is Auto, press the 4wd switch and it will deactivate the 4wd system. If you’re using your wipers the 4wd will automatically activate for better traction in the wet.

Why do you want to try disabling the 4wd system? If you have any of the manual setups and you’re stuck in 4wd, you might be experiencing 4wd bind. You can over come this with two methods:

1) Jack up one wheel, expect it to spin when the bind over comes the traction. One it’s in the air you should be able to slip it easily out of 4wd. 

2) Drive your car on a loose or slippery surface turning left then right with slight pressure on the 4wd lever or the 4wd switch in the Off position. Driving in a straight line on the same surface will eventually achieve the same thing, it could take longer though. You could experience/hear a bang like noise as 4wd disengages. 

I hope this helps. 



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