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i did it again i riped the front suspention out from under the car runnin alittle to hard and i wound a week spot in the spring well that led to the tire stuffing in to the wheel well at speed and that cauzed the tire to move backwards in to the door ripping the balljoint out of the lower control arm sheering the cotter pin and the threads and in the process distroying the cv axle yay

luckly i was about 5 miles out in the middle of the dezert so i wasent haulin butt and there wasent anything or any one to hit if this happend on the highway at 70 i might not be here to tell the tail

i was able to get the cv axle tucked up out of the way and got the ball joint back in its hole and was able to limp back to the house

morral of the story dont buy cheap coil springs on ebay or your rig might look like this



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